Online Paper Presentation Mechanics

➤ This is a 15-minute presentation that is usually interactive and followed by 5 minutes for questions. The presentation is to be delivered in Powerpoint Presentation with a maximum of 25 slides, reading from slides is highly discouraged.

Format for Oral Presentation

Title Page (1st slide)
➤ Title
➤ Name of Authors
➤ Affiliation
Abstract (2nd slide)
➤ Keywords
Introduction (3rd slide to 6 th  slide or more)
Materials and Methods (7th slide to 9th slide or more)
Results & Discussions (10th slide to 14 th  slide or more)
Conclusion & Recommendations 
Literature Cited (Last slide)

Criteria for accepting abstracts

➤ The abstract must be relevant to the Conference sub-topics or sub-themes.

➤ The topic must have a clear focus.

➤ The abstract must follow the prescribed format (no indentation, Times New Roman, 11” font size, 100-250 words only) and contain the following elements in order: background of topic/knowledge, gap about the topic, objectives, methods, results, and implication. Name of author(s), author affiliation, email address, and keywords (at least 5).

Criteria for Best Papers

➤ The submission of the final paper is necessary for the selection of Best Conference Papers using the following criteria: Academic Significance (25%); Contribution to the Community (25%); Technical Novelty (20%), Quality of Information (25%); Language Usage (5%).

Prizes for Best Papers

First Prize - 5,000 pesos + Certificate

Second Prize - 3,000 pesos + Certificate

Third Prize - 2,000 pesos + Certificate